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Stress, according to Webster, is "a state of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium." Originally, stress was a metallurgy term about the force one inanimate object exerted against another. Today, stress is about people.

We are not physically designed to keep up with the technology we are smart enough to invent. Biologically, we are still quite primitive and our reactions to stressful situations are exactly the same as those of our original ancestors. Our bodies respond to stress by pumping adrenaline into our systems as a way to prepare for "fight or flight." Our muscles tense, preparing us for combat or to flee for our very lives.

As technology continues to speed up our lives, we become more and more stressed because we are unable physically to go as fast as our machines would allow. Yet we try and try to keep up. Only to fall further and further behind, feeling more and more exhausted, wondering what’s wrong with us.

These one, two or four hour entertaining, experiential workshops teach specific techniques that range from a few seconds to 30 minutes. Most will take five minutes or less.These are simple ways to create "time outs" during the day. The only real answer to the breakneck pace of life today is to slow down. No one will do it for us and no one will help us do it. But we can do it for ourselves. Since the technology is only going to get faster and it’s never going to be like the "old" days, the session teaches things that can make a significant difference in our lives. They are easy, quick, fun and don’t require a lot of heavy, fancy or expensive equipment. Most of these techniques can be done anywhere, any time, wearing any outfit. Participants will leave the workshop with a variety of tools and methods for taking better care of themselves that can be put into practice immediately. And they’ll have had a great time learning them!

Here's What Others Have to Say About Lois's Workshops...

"Really made me think about my life and my priorities. Thanks!"

"Not what I expected from a stress management workshop, which means it was very meaningful and enjoyable."

"Outstanding presentation. This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended."

"Lois is an excellent communicator and workshop leader."

"The instructor did an excellent job. Everyone was really attentive."

"Everything about this workshop was great. Lois is an excellent presenter and facilitator."

"My only comment is ‘Why wasn’t it longer?’"

"This was a great experience with wonderful "tasks" to use as stress busters. Simple and doable. Everyone in this organization should be required to attend."

"Fantastic, much better than anticipated; solid content and great delivery."

"We ought to offer this again; I would recommend this workshop to everyone."

"Very informative and useful. Lois was excellent!"

"The seminar flowed really well and at a good pace. I haven’t been this relaxed since I can’t remember when (and that says it all)."

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