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360 Degree Feedback Instruments

Inherent to success in today’s market is accomplishing financial objectives through superior people. More than ever, people are one of your critical success factors. People management, relationship management, cooperation, and collaboration are real factors in your overall profit picture.

Lois Levy Enterprises has created a process that allows organizations to develop 360-degree feedback instruments that are specific to their cultures, employees and current situations.

Unlike traditional 360 instruments, at LLE, we work with your employees to facilitate building an instrument that will be relevant and useful to the people who are being measured and those doing the measurement. Our process is cost effective and teaches your organization how to define the characteristics critical to success in your company today and then how to evaluate for those characteristics. We also teach you how to use the process, allowing you to update and rework your instruments whenever appropriate.

Not only is our 360 process easy on your budget, you will be accessing performance based on criteria that is current and relevant to your circumstances and culture. This is a great way to get your employees on board and invested in the evaluation process and to have a tool that is meaningful and valuable to everyone involved.

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