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Change Management

Change has always been basic to business, from the earliest bartering societies to today’s multinational conglomerates. But in recent decades, the pace of change has accelerated to the point that the world’s businesses are struggling just to react to--let alone anticipate—change.

Competition is squeezing everyone; new technologies are changing the way we do business; union activism and shifting demographics are altering the expectations and complexions of the workforce. Old management styles just don’t work anymore.

This rapid shift is seen in the macrocosm of worldwide political conditions and the microcosms of our personal lives. It has left many people adrift, looking for ways to ground themselves to something real and certain. In fact, many of your employees are questioning their work, their personal lives and their places in society.

If you’re responsible for managing people or projects, you know how change can frighten people and make them indecisive, unproductive or downright negative. Since change is inevitable doesn’t it make sense to lead it rather than be led by it? To makes changes from the inside out rather than the outside in. At Lois Levy Enterprises, we believe people who are guided through change can face it positively and productively, because we know that all-lasting change comes from the inside out, one person at a time.

Despite sophisticated technology and elaborate strategic plans, despite the stock market and foreign competition, the real margin between profit and loss is still people. Profitability depends on paying attention to your human assets.

LLE can help you manage change by working with you to open up your organization to its potential for collaboration and cooperation while dispelling the fear that change often brings. We can help you pay attention to the change process from the human point of view. This is a critical issue most often ignored by organizations in the midst of major change. It’s important to remember that an organization is only as effective as the hearts and minds of the people who comprise it.

LLE designs programs and processes that allow people to act responsibly, effectively and honestly. What better characteristics to nurture in individuals and organizations?

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