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Individual Coaching

For many years people have been asking me to create a place in my coaching practice for individuals outside of a corporate setting. Over the past several months a number of opportunities were presented to me that involved working with individuals by phone. In facilitating those requests I developed a coaching package for individual clients, which I am making widely available.

Partnering with a personal coach can help you move from where you are to where you want to be, quickly! Each of us has the right combination of qualities, skills and abilities to create the life we know is ours. Somewhere along the way, we lose focus or motivation and all the minutia of daily life begins to interfere. Or maybe we’re just afraid to step out into the future.

Coaching is a partnership and is different from other relationships. Coaching is not therapy. Therapy and coaching are both highly powerful and effective disciplines; however, they differ in the context of the relationship, the content of the sessions and what the client is requesting of the professional. Generally speaking, the emphasis in therapy is on clients resolving past issues and asking “why” questions. Coaching primarily focuses on clients creating action based on their present situations and asking “how” questions.

Coaching works when clients are willing to grow and there is a gap between where they are now and where they want to be. That’s all that is necessary for the coach and the client to solve problems, develop and implement a plan, turn a business around or create balance every day.

Coaching works because with a coach helping create a structure people take more action, think bigger and get more done. A coach has the skills to assist clients in setting clearer, reachable goals, making more money, restructuring their lives, personally and professionally. Because the coach and the client become a team focused on the client’s goals and desires more can be accomplished than the client could accomplish alone. And much more quickly. The relationship lends itself to a system of checks and balances, which promotes solid, tangible results.

Individual coaching packages are about “who,” “what,” and “how.”

Who are you? Discover and understand who you are.
What do you want? Identify and clarify what you want most.
How will you get there? Create and develop strategies for achieving goals.
Create win/win solutions for problems and issues.

Coaching sessions are client centered and encompass the seven keys to achievement:

    1. Focus
    2. Evidence
    3. Direction
    4. Motivation
    5. Accountability
    6. Perspective
    7. Support

Have you ever wished someone would ask the right questions to help you uncover and establish a clear, direct path to achieving your goals and creating an environment for making your dreams a reality? An experienced coach works with you to:

Find the answers within yourself to create a personal and professional life that meets your definition of success. Develop habits, patterns and systems to reach your goals. Overcome obstacles, resistance and procrastination.

A coach is a combination of mentor, taskmaster, motivator and sounding board. She keeps you on track, focused and accountable for measurable progress.

Individual Coaching Packages
Clients can choose from three packages:

Half hour, 45 minute or one-hour sessions.
Sessions are conducted by phone.
There are three sessions each month.

I use a solution-based methodology to ensure the phone sessions are concrete and produce tangible results.

The first thirty-minute session is free for potential clients.

Coaching works because:

  • A coach is objective and committed to your success.
  • A coach will expect you to have a large commitment to your success.
  • A coach will empower you to define success on your terms.
  • The coach/client partnership builds momentum.
  • You'll set better goals--goals that are compelling for you.
  • Your confidence and your skills will grow.
  • You'll be active each week and you'll feel better about yourself.
  • You'll focus on your strengths and gifts.

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