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loisnormal.jpg (6159 bytes)Lois B. Levy is the president of Lois Levy Enterprises, an executive developmentand dispute resolution consulting firm. LLE specializes in programs for senior managers using models for the individual executive and for senior management groups. LLE is recognized for its unique executive coaching model.

Lois brings 26 years of experience to her consulting. She has personally experienced the challenges executives face today, having been an executive at CIGNA Corporation for 12 years.

For 10 years Lois has been providing consulting services to organizations such as Southern New England Telephone, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc., Aetna Life & Casualty, Newington VA Hospital, Amerisure, Dexter Non-Wovens, Prudential Insurance Companies, Lego International, Montefiore Medical Center, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals and Bristol-Myers Squibb. (see client list for all clients)

LLE approaches each assignment in the role of catalyst rather than director. This distinction is critical in that, as a catalyst, we influence real, permanent change in individual styles and group patterns instead of orchestrating short-term, superficial behavior. Throughout the work, we are willing and able to give clear, specific, actionable feedback. While the work may appear intangible, the results are usually quantifiable. The coaching model, in particular, produces visible differences in a very short time.

Before embarking on her career in consulting, Lois held senior management positions in the financial services industry and the federal government. She managed large organizations with multi-cultural staffs. In her role as manager, she re-engineered departments to produce significant reductions in staff and expenses while creating high performing teams with better overall results.

Lois holds a BS in Education and an MS in Management. She was an Adjunct Faculty member at The Hartford Graduate Center and is a qualified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner.Loisis a FL Supreme Court certified mediator andis the author of Undress Your Stress: 30 Curiously Fun Ways to Take Off Tension.


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