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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Workshops

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) determines natural style in four areas: how a person creates energy, acquires information, makes decisions and is oriented to the external world.

Understanding preference is key to developing effective groups and organizations. Unfortunately, MBTI has been used as "filler" in many workshops and not as the powerful management tool that it is.

Lois Levy has taken a new approach to MBTI training. Type is determined through an extensive validation process rather than a paper and pencil instrument. This process insures the correct type determination for each participant and an in-depth understanding of each index and its purpose. Throughout the workshop, the make-up of the group is used to define and explain type. This gives participants a "real world" understanding of the theory and it’s practical applications.

While preference is only one part of a person's make-up, it does have a major impact on people's perceptions and skills. Logically, if a person is engaged in an activity that is preferred, that activity will be done well, in less time with less stress. Moreover, MBTI teaches people how to balance their preferences and develop the functions that are not preferred. MBTI does not label or box people into one mode of behavior. It simply makes each of our preferences clear and allows us to plan and use our time and our skills most effectively.

MBTI is important for another reason. It teaches people about the preference that is opposite. This is critical to team development and effective work groups. The point of view that each of us needs to seek out is the one that is opposite of ours. This is the information that will be missing from our own analysis and thinking. MBTI breaks down the barriers between people as they begin to see type differences as the group’s strength and as "differences" rather than "problems."

We provide experiential 1/2, 1 and 2 day workshops on MBTI and design each program to the client's specifications.

MBTI is one of the few tools that can change the day to day workings of a group or organization almost immediately. People have a new vocabulary for dealing with differences and a new appreciation of what each person brings to the group. Participants learn to become more productive as individuals and as a team, whether within the narrow limits of a temporary project or the larger parameters of a departmental structure.

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