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Program Design & Facilitation

Organizations use consultants all the time. Much of the time little or nothing new happens in these sessions nor are there any long lasting results. Why is that and how is Lois Levy Enterprises different?

Most consultants have formulas they use with all of their clients. You tell them your problem and they have the formula or the program already in hand to solve it for you. Unfortunately, every situation is unique and no prepared program or workshop will speak directly to your particular circumstance.

At LLE we talk with you. We gather data from all pertinent sources to determine the exact nature of your issues, in your organization, at the present time. Once we have the data, we develop themes and analyze content to design a program that relevant to you, all program participants and your organization.

Our programs center on what will happen after the consultants have left the room. We work with you to solve your own problems in ways that will work in your environment and your industry. We concentrate on outcomes that are based in your reality and that will move forward you once you are back in your office.

After you have worked with LLE you will know what you are doing next as will everyone else in the room. We are committed to our client’s objectives. At LLE we are committed to serious fun and concrete results. And that’s our guarantee.

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