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Executive Coaching: Individual professional growth to develop new skills that improve an executive's effectiveness.

Dispute Resolution: Our dispute resolution process opens and improvesdialogue between disputants, with the express purpose of helping the parties reach an agreement (with concrete results) on the disputed matter. We serve as impartial mediators. Mediation can apply in a variety of disputes. These include commercial, legal, diplomatic, workplace, community and divorce or other family matters.

Strategic Planning: Our strategic planning process is tailored to each situation and the unique style of the organization.

Change Management: Since change is inevitable doesn’t it make sense to lead it rather than be led by it?

Program Design & Facilitation: We work with you to solve your own problems in ways that will work in your environment and your industry.

Leadership Development: Our programs include topics critical to success as a leader today.

Team Development: Our programs use your unique situation and your issues to build a group with accelerated self-discovery, heightened awareness, the renewal of commitment and the capacity to risk and take action.

360 Feedback Instrument Development Process: Unlike traditional 360 instruments, at LLE, we work with your employees to facilitate building an instrument that will be relevant and useful to the people who are being measured and those doing the measurement.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Workshops: Lois Levy has taken a new approach to MBTI training. Type is determined through an extensive validation process rather than a paper and pencil instrument. This process insures the correct type determination for each participant and an in-depth understanding of each index and its purpose.

Individual Coaching: Programs tailored to get you what you want; at work, at home, in life.

Career Management: Our career management programs prepare you for your next move within your present company, a move to a different company or a completely new career.


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