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Strategic Planning

No one person, no matter how talented or resourceful can lead an organization to extraordinary results. It’s through the process of many people working together toward a common goal that outstanding achievements are realized.

At Lois Levy Enterprises, we know a clear organizational "picture" serves as a beacon directing people at all levels of the organization. It gives people a context in which to make decisions, increasing the likelihood that actions taken by different people will be complimentary. It is impossible to have a logical strategy or make effective tactical decisions without a clear idea of "what" the organization is trying to do.

Without a "guiding star," organizations can easily fracture into groups with disparate agendas. Business units may become more concerned about expanding their own territory, rather than working for a common goal. Distrust politics and unproductive infighting can start to consume individual's time and efforts.

Another reason to establish an overall compelling strategic focus is to give people a reason to "believe" in their work. People want work they feel good about, that they look forward to and that they think is worthwhile. Few organizations successfully tap into the potential inherent in their workplaces. Listen to people talk about their work. Look into their eyes. Do you see excitement? Do you see passion and enthusiasm? Do you see the kind of commitment it took to put a human being on the moon or develop Microsoft? In all too many cases the answer is no. Most people go to work every day leaving their brains and their spirits at home.

What makes for an effective and powerful overall picture?

We believe it's a combination of clear vision, mission, shared goals and objectives. Our strategic planning process is tailored to each situation and the unique style of the organization. We pride ourselves on helping organizations create focused, useable, strategic plans that can be shared and understood throughout the company.

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