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Executive Coaching & Programs

This process provides a basis for individual professional growth to develop new skills that improve an executive's effectiveness. Just as a sports coach provides focused, individualized guidance and support to a professional athlete, Lois Levy Enterprises works closely and confidentially with an executive client. Our ongoing work has far more "real life" impact on performance and work style than can ever be provided by a few days of off-site seminars, no matter how inspirational. We coach on the playing field, during the game, for long term benefits and results.

Among the issues explored are:

real-life, day-to-day issues faced by every manager
your role as a manager as well as a contributor to your organization
how to create accountability among employees
how to get honest feedback from employees
how to create truly valuable performance.

Executive Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching Intensive
Designed for executives targeted "top talent" as preparation for the next assignment or to optimize skills and behaviors. One year, on-site.

The program includes five days of shadowing, data collection, summary report, six months of 90-minute weekly meetings, six months of 90-minute bi-weekly meetings and quarterly staff meeting attendance.

Executive Coaching
Designed for the mature executive interested in honing skills and behaviors or the executive who has specific behavioral issues. One year with most work done by phone.

The program includes five days of shadowing, data collection, summary report, six months of weekly sessions (one per month on-site, three per month by phone), six months of bi-weekly phone sessions, attendance at two staff meetings.

Career Management
Designed for the executive or manager who is considering career options and opportunities. Sessions are customized and charged on an hourly basis. Most work will be done by phone. This program gives the client the tangible products necessary to explore career steps and real world assignments to create appropriate opportunities.

Leadership Assessment with Coaching
Designed for new high potential managers. It includes the Leadership Assessment detailed below, ten weekly on-site coaching sessions and attendance at two staff meetings.

Leadership Assessment
Designed to assess individual leadership and management skills, potential and development needs. One month, on-site.

The program includes two days of shadowing, data collection with a representative sample of direct reports, peers and manager, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the McClelland Motive Theory Instrument, detailed report with specific recommendations and assignments and one follow-up meeting.

Individual Problem Solving
Coaching is available on an hourly basis to solve specific management problems.

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