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loiscasual.jpg (10906 bytes)My life is very much like yours. It’s busy. I seem to have more to do than time to do it and I’m not sure why. And it seems to be true for my clients and my friends and my parents and my kid.

I think of myself as someone who knows how to take care of herself. I’m a management consultant who specializes in executive and team development. I teach people about balance at work. I make them go home on time. I help them to think through and solve their business problems. I know I’m good at this. Still there are times in my own life when I find myself so pushed that I can barely take a deep breath.

I wrote Undress Your Stress after delivering a two-hour workshop to a group of NYC nurses. About a week before the workshop I found out that none of the attendees would be able to stay for the whole two hours because they only had twenty-minute breaks. I threw out my design and sat pondering the problem of participants coming and going. It occurred to me that no one really has two hours anymore and what all of us need are fast, easy, uncomplicated ways to reduce our stress on the spot. I redesigned the two hours into five minutes segments. It worked for the nurses and I realized it worked for me, too. Now I had a bunch of things I could do when I only had five minutes.

About a week later a friend suggested it would be nice if I didn’t hoard this information and that a book filled with the five minutes answers to stress would be a good thing. (Check out how Lois became an author.) So I sat down and wrote it, found a publisher and got it published (and if you think it was that simple, I’ve got a bridge to sell you right after you buy the book.).

I live in Florida and I travel a lot. I have to if I want to make enough money to eat. I’m in all those airport jams and traffic jams and storms you read about. Undress Your Stress has been more help to me than I would ever have imagined. It’s also been a way to meet people on airplanes, in bookstores, on talk shows. When I sit next to an 80-year old man on the plane to NYC and he asks me about the book because I have it out to check on something, I get to talk with him in a way that I wouldn’t otherwise. I hear about his life, his pain, and his determination. I give him my copy and then I get to hear him laughing. It’s a vehicle for my own development as a person and a professional.

People assume that an author is different. Or a movie star is different. Or a politician is different. The truth is everyone is just like you. And me.


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