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You’re all dressed up and ready to go in the same old suit of pale anxiety, layered with dark depression, and accessorized with sheer exhaustion. Sound familiar? Is that how you leave the house every morning? Or worse, is that your office dress code??? Enough is enough! It’s time to...


Undress Your Stress: 30 Curiously Fun Ways to Take Off Tension shows us how to shed the layers of agitation by doing something really novel – TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES – something most of us don’t do very well. Typically, self-care comes way behind finishing that report, running those errands and cleaning out the fridge – it’s last on our list of things to do and it RARELY GETS DONE. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s the lack of time for 40-minute yoga sessions, hour-long massages or long trips to the country. We need a system we can use in the moment it takes to catch our breath.

On each page of Undress Your Stress, author Lois Levy gives tips for QUICK RELIEF FROM DAILY ANXIETY. Levy’s down-to-earth approach incorporates a touch of sarcasm, a little irreverence and a lot of laughter – the perfect recipe to create balance in a world gone mad. All of her unconventional techniques absolutely work and rarely take more than ten minutes. These are just a few examples to get your listeners through the day without flipping your lids:

  1. Let out a big groan – fully, passionately and with a lot of energy.
  2. Instead of saying, "I could scream," do it!
  3. Have an all out, sobbing, blubbering, nose-running cry.
  4. Paste a stupid fake smile all over your face.
  5. Pull the curtains, put on the music and dance, Baby, DANCE!!!
  6. Do a three minute "belly bounce."
  7. Spend ten minutes with a box of Crayolas and a piece of blank paper.

Don’t you already feel more relaxed?

Book reviews
by Dorothy Kramer-Kawakami, Life Insurance Management Research Association 

Lois Levy is a consultant who has worked for years as an executive coach. Her new book, short and easy-to-read, is a practical guide to workable, and sometimes whimsical, ways to de-fuse the high levels of stress that result from pressure, travel, overload, continuous access, and a feeling of loss of control of time. I read this book on an overbooked, noisy, behind-schedule plane (usually a stressful enough environment) and found it to be not only realistic but fun.

Her style is conversational and humorous, the stress-reduction tactics feasible, and her recognition of the real pressures of executive life comes from years of coaching management and teams in corporate contexts. I could have actually implemented many of the tactics, such as breathing exercises, within the all-too-tight confines of my American Airlines coach seat. Some, such as singing or screaming, would have been possible, but probably unappreciated by the majority of my fellow captives. Many of the tactics will serve not only to reduce stress, but to develop supportive relationships and habits: meaningful talking, committed listening, meditating and praying. It is also a useful reminder of the many small pleasures we deny ourselves in our busy-ness. Take it along; read it on a plane. The other passengers will wonder why you are smiling.

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by Lindsey Grant, College Student

"I just wanted to let you know that I think your book just saved me from having a mid-life crisis at 19. I've recently been under a lot of stress. Besides going to a college that is ranked second in the nation for work load, my grandfather is ill. We just found out that my ex-boyfriend and close friend is dying of cancer. And, lets just say that my home life has never been one to brag about. On top of all of this, I've been really stressed out that I may have chose the wrong college to attend. I was on spring break last week, and while home I went to my very first massage. The therapist said I had the back stress of a 40 year old. That scared me."

"Today I went to the bookstore on campus looking for something to help me. I found your book. I read it tonight. I just wanted to say thank you. Your book has opened up so many doors, so many options to help me unwind. Your directions made a lot of sense. I plan to follow them with high hopes that my stress level will come back down from that of a 40 year old to maybe a 30 year old, or a normal stress level for my age. I'll let you know how it goes. Once again, thank you."

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What fun reading!
by Patti from Boca Raton, FL

Not only does this book remind you how to enjoy life's simple pleasures, it also introduces some carefree ideas and exercises to help relieve common everyday stress factors.......and with a humorous twist! Easy reading and light enough to carry along with you! It has been a perfectly enjoyable gift!

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Fun, fast, easy and cheap!
by Jonathan Labson, Boston, MA, Family Trainer

It worked for me. I like easy. I like quick. This book has bothquick and easy ways to make life less stressful. It's definitely the best christmas gift I can think of. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

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Recommended for people in growing businesses
by Richard Bassin, Santa Barbara, AC, Software Company, CEO

As the president of a growing high tech organization I found this book valuable for myself and my employees. It gives you a ways to slow yourself down in a positive manner and thus helps you focus. One of my business objectives is looking for different ways to constructively help my company and still have fun. This book meets these requirements perfectly. I recommend this book to anyone, at any level, in business and have recently bought a copy for all my employees.

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Fun, quick and practical ways to reduce stress in your life.
Jane Ford, Boston, MA, Not for Profit Fund Raising Consultant.

AS a nonprofit management consultant I am constantly on the lookout for material I can use with my busy, stressed-out clients. This is the book! Whether you read it from cover to cover (as I did because it is enormously amusing) or choose to select one activity at a time, this book is a great stress-reducer. My favorite idea so far is singing loudly in the car to any and all music that appeals to you. Particularly useful in rush hour traffic! After purchasing this book, I immediately bought another dozen for holiday gifts.

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